Consequence of Rakhi Festival in India & Gift Traditions

By: Rahul Doshi

Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the deep love between brother and sister. The holiness of Rakhi festival is acknowledged right from the Vedic times to these modern days, when people are living in thoroughly industrialized times in which the age-old values of life are falling apart. Even if a girl ties Rakhi around the wrist of a stranger boy, both of them from that auspicious moment, look upon each other as brother and sister and become closer in this pure relationship than other blood relations.

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of the most significant festive occasions of India which represents the love shared between brother and sister in India and all Indian across the globe. Whenever you see a thread, be it decorative, fancy or simple tied around the wrist of a boy or a man on Raksha Bandhan, you are ought to know that he is a brother who has vowed to protect his sister from all hardships and has a sister who loves him with all her heart.

The sister ties Rakhi, a silk string, on her brother's wrist. More sophisticated modern versions may be gold or intricately woven strands of silk, but the traditional Rakhi given to brother on Raksha Bandhan is a single filament of silk that symbolizes the bond of love.

It is a tradition on Rakhi for brother to make either a cash gift or any token gift to the sister as an appreciation of her devotion. Over the past few years, sisters have also started giving return gifts to their brothers. Here are some gifts ideas that will make your brother and sister smile with affection making the bond that's shared between the two of you grow much stronger. Select the gift idea of your choice and make your brother or sister happiest on this earth.

Rakhi Sweets: Sweets continues to be the most popular gift for sisters and brothers on Raksha Bandhan. Each year the sweet shops report a substantial rise in the sale of Sweets, popularly known as Mithais. The Primary reason for this is that everybody can afford to buy sweets. While gifting sweets you can choose from a wide variety of mithais, keeping in mind the taste of your brother and sister.

Chocolates: Chocolates are all time favorite gift items for all ages. You can give different types of chocolates like Cadbury, Cookies, Ferrero Rocher. It adds a special touch to your present.

Gift Items: Special Gift Items like perfumes, watches, apparels, jewelry, mobile phones, electronic goods are hot favorite for brothers and sisters. These are some of the gift items, which can cherish through out their life.

It is not the rituals, customs and traditions that change over the time but the celebration, gifting styles and perspectives that become contemporary. For centuries this festival has been celebrated in the same way and the traditions are followed with the same enthusiasm. It is the celebration of the chaste bond of love amongst the siblings and the gaieties of Rakhi have only blown up to a large scale.

Raksha Bandhan testifies to the strength of this relation every year, making it stronger each time. Emotions can be expressed through online store, for those siblings who for distances are not able to meet. Nothing on this day can stop the overflowing emotions.

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