Tanzania Bushmen in Lake Eyasi

Tanzania is one of the unique Country in which has about more than 120 tribes where by each tribes has its own unique culture and ways of living.

Among these tribes the Datoga and Hadzabe are still the tribes in which they refuses to give up their most indigenous ways of living. These tribes refuses to give up their pure traditions up to now, they are proud of who they are. The Hadzabe are ones of the smallest tribe in Tanzania, they about 200 families and the Datoga are about 4000 families in the whole of Tanzania.

These tribes are found in Northern Tanzania along lake Eyasi. Their are language resembles the click language of other bush-men further south of the Kalahari Desert. Their small population , was seriously threatened especially in 1974 when the Government tried to build a settlement for them and move them from their original environment (Caves and the bushes) Most of these people and their children have never seen a doctor or school. The bush provides everything they need including traditional education and traditional healers.

For their food the Datoga and Hadzabe depend on hunting on which they get honey and meat.. Also because they live mostly in dry areas, the Datoga and Hadzabe they get water from digging holes of about two to five meters.

What Tanzanian do with Hadzabe ?
We take tourist for the local hunting. Men from this tribes are the hunters So our visitors participate in hunting activities. This will take them about 4/5 hours for the whole day.

Also the visitors get to see the way arrows poison are being made.

Tanzanian experience guide will also take you to the caves and holes in which most of this people are live in.
We also take our visitors to places where the Hadzabe tribes get their water during the dry season.

Our guides will take you to the places where the visitors can experience how to make fire and types of trees which are suitable for that purpose.

We will also take our visitors to places where we can show them how to collect honey and teach them different types of local medicine used by Hadzabe people to treat different diseases.

Tanzanian With Datoga families.
Our guides also speak the same languages, with this people, and so most of our visitors, enjoy to visit them.
This is due to the fact that they participate in their daily activities as well.

Most of this families are pastor lists and so for their food are pretty much depend on their animals. They move from place to place to find good pasture for they are animals. The elders and the small children often stay at home while the middle age groups move with their animals from place to place.

The Datoga also make a lot of their weapons, from them selves. e.g. the arrows, spears and knives. They dig holes for water and also hunt small animals for their food. The visitors will also have opportunity to see what this people used for keeping their food and fetching water.

The visitors, get to attend ceremonials parties performed by this people considering the fact that from January to July, is good season for weddings and circumcision.

Our guides also, will take you to places where you can see the black smith in which you will see how to make jury and melt iron using local methods.