Siberian Shamanism

Author: Anna Maria

Siberian shamanism - roots of happiness and love. It is an ancient tradition, religion, basis of all young religions, sciences and mysticism. There exist now very many different forms of shamanism. Investigators of institutes, who study ancient cultures in Irkutsk, found the traces of Siberian shamanism in Australian, African, American, Tibetan shamanism and in many religions.

Siberian shamanism is more than 40.000 years old. During all this time, shamans have guarded the knowledge of human happiness and knowledge of the connection of humans and Divine Power. These shamans live in Siberia and are protected by spirits of this place.

The spirits of Siberia guarded this knowledge for a long time and Altai Chi, great Siberian shaman, transmits this knowledge to the humanity now.

Siberian shamanism is the last hope in actual spiritual world. Many people, as Nostradamos, clairvoyant from Bulgaria Vanga, Elena Blavatskaya and Nicolai Rerich, who could foresee the future, predicted this situation.

The knowledge of Siberian shamanism helps you to receive a profound sensation of happiness that will free you from all problems:

Restore and maintain your health, immunity and good inner state.

Find and choose your ideal partner or rejuvenate your relationship.

Learn the art of relations with your partner and with people who surround you, your children, friends, work-mates ect.

Learn how to maintain your good image, how to have charm and be attractive.

Learn how to better your financial state.

Learn to diagnose and heal people with different problems.

Develop in yourself such super-abilities as clairvoyance, intuition, prediction, telepathy, hypnosis, astral journeys, levitation, ect.

Understand the law of Karma and the organization of Universe.

Find your destiny and open your divine individuality, your highest purpose.

Be as a super-human in your social life, as a channel of Divine Power on Earth, as a channel between God and humans.

Here you can read one interview with one shaman of the Golden Altai Academy School:

Interviewer: What made you study shamanism?

Shaman: I was disappointed in my medical studies, because doctors very often could not heal people. I couldn't understand why. I asked myself that is there any other possibility to help people, and that's why I started to learn psychology and magic. I used in my work many eccentric techniques and I tried to reach other doctors to talk and teach them. But I was misunderstood.

One day I saw in a newspaper one advertisement about one meeting on predictions of Nostradamus. I went and I was inspired to go Altai and Siberia. My trip to Alai was surprising. It gave me such strong impressions that I hadn't had already for years. My eyes opened and absorbed the power of the Earth in spring, roses coming out - it was so fresh... - tops of powerful mountains touching the sky and hiding in white clouds, which competed with the whiteness of the snow that was covering mountains. Powerful and furious river Katun gathered its healing waters, flowing over rocks and fields, creating crystal lakes and brilliant waterfalls. In everywhere grew magnificent cedars. It was the place where I met the great master, wise man Altai Chi. He explained me how to help people without operations and medicines. But it was not sufficient to heal people from their bodily illnesses. People needed also to change their life-style. They had to change their food, respiration, activity, thoughts and emotions. The great master told me that I needed to teach people, who would in turn teach more other people.

The meeting with the Shaman Altai Chi changed my life. I got free from many chronic illnesses that had tormented me. He opened my super-abilities with which I have had the chance to help many people, giving them relaxation, health, success in their personal matters and in business, harmony in relationships and happiness. Altai Chi has helped me to find the supreme happiness and good fortune.

Interviewer: Altai Chi seems to be very interesting person, how is he?

Shaman: I can tell you only a little about him, because his mind is on very much higher level than mine. According to esoteric laws, a man with a less developed mind should not talk about higher man, who has more developed mind. Great master lives in a sacred place in forest in Altaian Mountains in Siberia and he travels constantly. There are very high mountains and continuous forests with strong trees and with many rivers, where the water is so clear that it is possible to drink it.

His favorite place is one cave covered by rock, behind bushes and many trees. The entrance has a small hole, where your body can enter easily. Then there is one angle, then the second and after the third angle the cave opens. There are magnificent estalagmias. Ceiling of the cave is incredibly dry and in distant corner there is a small brook that flows downwards with melodious drops, creating cool lake on the floor. Air in the cave is full of peace, bliss and power. Being in this cave, a person connects with his soul.

Down the mountains there are hamlets with small simple houses. People, who come to Altai to meet the teacher, live in these hamlets and wait to meet the teacher.

I myself meet God-wise man Altai Chi several times a year. I can only speak about him, that I have seen how people, who are near him, change and heal very fast. Their aura becomes brighter; the structure of their skin rejuvenates. People begin also to see everything differently. They do not worry anymore about small problems, but begin to live more consciously for the highest purpose. They become more successful, and not only their inner world changes, but also their relationships with partners.

Interviewer: Altai Chi then only sits in his cave and heals some persons or manages the teaching in Golden Altai Academy School?

Shaman: Our organization is founded by Altai Chi, and he manages Golden Altai Academy School. The mission of the School is to combine new knowledge with ancient teachings in the way that we could help people in actual frankness of the world and that its energies would maintain in peace, happiness, love and freedom.

Thanks to the genius Altai Chi, from 1989, Golden Altai Academy School is already known in the world as one of the best. Altai Chi prefers to be near his places of power in Altaian Mountains, but his teaching are being transmitted all over the world, and his mind rises high towards the Cosmos in order to find our new information for us and transmit it to his students and to the people in all the world.

Some of us are very fortunate to be traveling masters, transmitting this knowledge in whole world. Other shamans stay in their communities, teaching, healing, consulting and protecting their students. Other groups of shamans concentrate their energy in prayers for our mission, protecting the health of the planet Earth, giving their part to create better future of humanity and heal the planet. All they work under the guidance of Altai Chi.

Interviewer: You talk about protecting Earth and about better future of humanity. Is it some kind of green-peace movement? Why the Earth need the protection of shamans?

Shaman: There are good reasons to be worried about the actual situation on Earth, because although, we have technical progress, but people are still on a very low level of spiritual development. Modern humans have no control over their psyche, mind or energy that results in numerous psychological illnesses, which can be healed quickly with the ancient Slavic method.

There are many people with limited vision of their multiple levels of being and living, as one small difficult situation can lead to death, stress, heart attacks, and even suicides.

The planet itself is under attacks, such as by living organism, infections, invasions and abuse. Our responsibility is to defend it against infections and invasions, meanwhile we teach people to stop the excess use and abuse.