What Is Internet Marketing?

By: Mark McCulloch

Do you know what I think the Internet is? It's only a tool that we can use to get in contact with other people! It's not a money machine, it's not a fast path to millions and it's not an easy way to earn money!

That's my opinion.

Don't get me wrong I think the Internet is a great invention and I love it, but I just don't like the new trends that marketers are starting to create.

I'm getting sick of SPAM and all the new "make a million overnight" programs that pop up everywhere! So many are marketing the "Get rich quick dream" and leading even more people into false hopes and dreams!

I have been marketing my share of programs online, and I see the same thing taking place over and over again!

You get an "early notification" in your email so you immediately send it to your list that joins under you. In your first month you are doing pretty good and roughly earning say $400 a month!

Then what happens?

Next month commission is down to $350 and the next month $300 then $250 until your check is dead and gone!

People online today sometimes completely lose focus in all the hype, smoke and mirrors and it's not even their fault! Also sometimes people tend to jump from opportunity to opportunity the second something new comes along.

I really miss a program or company one can focus on and build for years and years to come! I thought I could find it on the internet but now I have serious doubts! When dealing with electronic goods or info-products the competition is just overwhelming! Every day something new comes along and if you want to stay in the game ahead of the crowd you need to be reviewing and looking at most of these things to keep up.

Maybe that's what Internet Marketing is all about? Learning about new products and services before the crowd and then promote the heck out of it. Once that's done, you start looking for the next thing and start again?

It's a tough business.

After spending nearly 4 years doing Internet Marketing I am finding myself on a road that's splitting up in two directions. One way is going back to work and doing the same things over and over and the other way is a different way that is new and different.

The most important point of everything I have said above is that when starting a Home Based Business on the internet you must find a realiable and established company that you can focus and build to its full potential and then and only then consider another income stream.

Always remember if you maintain focus and dont jump from opportunity to opportunity you will be able to build a strong and consistent income from home.

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